Plant walks, hikes and lectures in the Tetons

plant hike

We invite all those interested in the native plants of Jackson Hole to enjoy our programs, information sources and good company. We are the Teton Chapter of the Wyoming Native Plant Society. Voluntary membership dues help support our educational efforts. We welcome your participation in any way you choose.

To learn more about the Teton Chapter of the Wyoming Native Plant Society, click here or on the About tab above.


From January through June 2014, 6 pm, every fourth Tuesday of the month, we will present a program at the Teton County Library in partnership with the Teton County Library.  125 Virginian Lane, Jackson. WY.  FREE.  We welcome your ideas for speakers!Aspen leaf, fall color, on snow, Munger Mt.

  • Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, 6 – 8 pm, Teton County Library, “Native Plant Society Social and Plant Collage.” In deep winter, we wildflower folk crave green life and good company. Come together to share your favorite photos or other items (art, books, crafts, writings) celebrating plants and their habitats. Be prepared to share informally your enthusiasm, questions, and talent to create a community collage of wild plant impressions. Limit five minutes per person. Also, bring an edible to share. Teton County Library, Ordway Auditorium B, 125 Virginian Lane, Jackson. FREE, all welcome. More information:
  • Tuesday, February 24, 6 – 8 pm, Teton County Library, “Photographing Favorite Flowers Close-up,” by Loren Nelson, Teton Photography Group and Natural Photography. Trying to take photos of a native plant, perhaps with a pollinator, and it comes out blurry or too busy? Learn some tips from Loren Nelson on how to compose your shot and have it sharp and colorful. We have invited a couple of other guest experts to share their techniques as well. Co-sponsored by the Wyoming Native Plant Society – Teton Chapter and Teton County Library. Teton County Library, Auditorium B. FREE. More information: tetonplants@gmail  
  • HOLD THE DATE for 2015: July 10 – 13, 2015, Joint Annual Meeting of the Wyoming and Idaho Native Plant Societies. Fieldtrips and evening programs on both sides of the Tetons. More information to come…

Furthermore, we offer occasional winter field trips, so stay posted!  All field trips are free and open to the public. Questions? Email us at  tetonplants [at] gmail [dot] com


To chat with others in the group, post a comment below (the most recent comment is on top and see “Stay In Touch” below to learn how to subscribe to comments). For example:

  • Log a special plant siting (please, for their protection, do not give locations of rare plants), OR
  • See if others want to meetup for an impromptu plant hike, OR
  • Suggest an activity for our program

To help identify a plant, send the image(s) in an email to – tetonplants [at] gmail [dot] com – and try to keep the file under 1 MB. We will show the image in a blog post with the name and, perhaps, other information. In the comment section for that blog post, anyone can weigh in on the answer. You can find all plant ID posts by clicking here or on the Plant ID category in the sidebar.


There are three ways you can stay on top of all of our activities:

First, email us to join our email list by clicking here – OR tetonplants [at] gmail [dot] com. Get notices and reminders of events (this is different than subscribing to new blog posts).

Second, join the comments on this page, our homepage, at the bottom. You have to make a comment to join, so go ahead and make a comment like, “subscribe me to comments.” ALSO, check the box, “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” We’ll delete the comment but you’ll still be subscribed. NOTE: the name you enter to sign up will be emailed to everyone who has subscribed to comments.

Third, to receive all new blog posts by email, enter your email in the sidebar at the upper right and click the Follow button. At present, we don’t have plans for a lot, if any, blog posts. But this blog/website is new so we’re looking for ideas. Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Plant walks, hikes and lectures in the Tetons

  1. Enjoyed the wildflower hike on Old Pass Road. Amy, Rachael and Jill did a great job. And as always it was fun to learn from everyone there. Plan on talking to my town to ask if I can pull/dig up some Houndstongue that I know are present (even though they are pretty). Lunch was a nice treat too.

  2. Anybody up for a hike in the next couple of days. Your choice, but I would like tram, cascade cyn, death cyn or even sheep mt.

  3. Has anyone been up Horsethief/Wilson Canyon to check out the fire? I was up a couple of weeks ago and grass was poking through the charred ground.

    • It will be interesting to go up Horsethief now to see what is sprouting. Also get out to see the Balsamroot, which is at its peak throught the southern end of Jackson Hole.!

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