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  1. FYI, I have Strawberry Blite plants on my property for second year in a row but at a different location than the prior year. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me.

  2. We have recently moved to jackson hole and would like to plant native plants in our gardens. Where would you recommend that I find these for sale?

  3. My name is Bethany Brady and I am a senior Girl Scout Scout planning my Gold Award. I am planning a pollinator garden at the Teton Botanical Garden. I am interested in learning more about native plants.
    My project name is “Go Native”.
    If you could assist me in any way I would be very grateful.

    I live in Rural NY State but have a love for the Tetons and for bees and butterflies so I chose this as a project. My sister lives in Jackson. I plan to visit again soon.
    This is a two year project and will be an on going research project to see how the numbers of pollinators increase and therefore increase the number of native wild flowers.
    Thank you for helping me pursue my dream and helping the native plants.

    Bethany Brady
    Senior Girl Scouts
    Troop 1008
    51 Timberee Lane

    Valatie , NY 12184

  4. Last year I took a photo of a plant in the Grand Teton NP. But unfotunately no one in Germany knows what it is. Give me please an Email-adress so that I can send you a picture.
    Greetings from Germany Dr. Wolfgang Koerner

  5. This is a lovely blog, thank you for sharing! I am interested in the fernleaf lovage and am curious if you know of if/where it might be possible to buy seeds. Also….is it possible to grow this plant in Missouri? I have heard certain species are near impossible to grow outside their natural habitat, so am not sure how sensitive the filicinum is. Thank you!

  6. Hi Amy,
    I believe I found some silvery silverleaf scorpionweed (Phacelia hastata var. hastata) next to a few Modoc hawksbeard on June 16th just below the e. edge of the big pullout at Sawmill Pond. Didn’t have my phone with me, dammit! I’ve never seen it here before. Hope you can see & verify it. -Benj

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